There is certainly not a single person that is not familiar with the FBI. The FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation) is considered as one of the most prominent law agencies in the United States, as well as one the most respected and recognizable in the whole world.  The FBI was established in 1908 and its main goal is to analyze crimes through the use of various forensic techniques. In the last couple of decades we have seen a sharp rise of interest towards the FBI, partially due to Hollywood-influenced popular culture. This has resulted in a large number of young people aspiring for job positions within this law enforcement agency. Are you one of them? Have you ever dreamed about becoming an FBI agent? If your answer is yes, then we have some useful tips for you.

  Similarly to basically every other job, the chances of you having a successful career as an FBI agent largely depends on the amount of knowledge you have in regard to the workings and peculiarities of this particular industry. These are some of the important basics you should be familiar with before you actually apply for the job position in the FBI.


  The first thing you should know are the minimum entry requirements. Before you are actually hired by the FBI, you will have to prepare yourself in order to undergo a series of interviews, background checks and assessments that you are required to pass. When applying for the position in the FBI, keep in mind that the agency has two main types of entry level positions, which are: special agents and support staff. Next, you need to be familiar with the different roles at the FBI. One of the most prominent and probably most exciting jobs in the FBI is the position of a special agent. To become an effective and efficient FBI agent, you need to fulfill experience and educational requirements, as well as to display exceptional physical shape. It is inevitable that you will face dangerous and violent criminals at one point in your career. In such a case, you will be forced to physically defend yourself in the course of duty. For this reason, acquiring various self-defense techniques and becoming proficient in the use of firearms is considered very important for the aspiring FBI agents. The FBI considers this part of training very important, and for that reason it has developed a special training facility, better known as Hogan’s alley. There, the young agents can put to practice all the theoretical knowledge they have learned in classes, all in simulated real crime situations. The majority of people are familiar, to a certain degree, with the standard role of the FBI agents. But, it’s not only the special agents that make up the FBI. There is a large support staff working behind the scenes. This support staff includes analysts, linguists, cryptologists, scientists, fingerprint experts, engineers and computer technicians. Their main purpose is to analyze the crime scenes and provide the vital data which will be later used during prosecution.

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