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Ozone Depletion Discovery And Mercedes Green Cars

Among the most popular modern discoveries credited to Mexicans is the discovery of the ozone depletion. Mario J. Monila and F. Sherwood Rowland made the discovery which revealed how chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) contribute to the problem of ozone layer depletion in the stratosphere layer of the upper atmosphere. They were both awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that discovery. Based on that discovery, today we have emission regulations that set standards in any applications that emit CFCs. Mercedes Benz as one of the most reputable automakers of luxury cars boasts of superior engineering standards. Like ay other automaker, they must comply with the EPA for certification of every car model they make. Mercedes C-Class car models are some of the best known green car innovations from the German giant automaker.


Mercedes C-Class green cars have CO2 emissions levels that fall below 140g per kilometer. Among these iconic executive cars, the C350e Sport 4dr Auto variant achieves the lowest CO2 emissions of just 48g/km. That puts the car within the lowest tax band, making it the best option for green car enthusiasts that may want to enjoy the pride of owning a premium Mercedes Benz automobile. If you care about the environment, the C350e is the best of the plug-in hybrid cars from Mercedes Benz. You also have to consider if you live at the edge of a city and drive within the city most of the times because that’s where the car is best suited. In such an environment you can save a lot given the car’s surprisingly low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


EPA laws and regulations have greatly contributed to the ozone layer protection. Reports today confirm that the ozone layer has been healing but full recovery can only be expected by around 2065. That will only be achieved if domestic and international actions continue to achieve success as they have done in the recent years. With several leading automakers including Mercedes heavily investing in electric cars and considering the success Tesla has achieved, the future of green cars is definitely a bright one. When such cars become truly available for the mass market, they will make a very huge impact in terms of reducing the emissions of CO2 from our roads. It will take a long time to make that impact with old car models still on our roads, but EPA regulations can be strengthened over time in favor of green cars.


Mexico has been recognized for many scientific discoveries and it is interesting to note the impact ozone layer depletion discovery has made so far. Mercedes Benz’s latest E-Class launch recently has been reported to have been delayed due to reasons related to EPA certification, but at the end the new car has been cleared for sales. More Mercedes Benz cars are expected to be shipped to dealers around the world and their owners will definitely hope to find parts conveniently. Fortunately some of the best sellers of auto parts including Mercedes Transmissions today can be easily found online. When you can’t locate any brick and motor auto parts dealers or if they are far from where you live, you won’t have any stress because online sources can be convenient and helpful in every possible way.


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