Canada offers opportunities for skilled workers to relocate into the country so that they may contribute to the economy of the country. This gives the skilled workers from other countries to apply for immigration by providing some programs that eases the process of being admitted in the country. To enroll in these programs, you are required to prove your qualifications as a skilled worker, which is greatly vetted. This article therefore will delve into the requirements that Canadian authorities look out for in the course of determining your eligibility in skilled workers programs. These requirements include.

Work Experience

For you to be admitted to relocate to Canada as a skilled worker you need to have worked in your line of duty for at least one year in the same job. This ensures that you are duly qualified for the job and you know what the job entails. In addition in your experience you should have participated in the paid job not internship or volunteering. The authorities give these requirements so that you may not claim to know the job but in real sense, you do not. The skill type that you should be is either in the skill type O, A or B according to the national occupation classification. You therefore need to prove that you are fully qualified in the area for you to qualify.

Language Ability

In the Canadian system, English and French are used as mediums of communication in all job areas. You therefore need to know how to communicate the two languages so that you can be effective at your work place. So as to determine this, you will be required to undergo a language test, which is approved, by the citizenship and immigration Canada of finding out whether you are qualified in speaking these two languages. You need to reach the minimum language level found in the Canadian language benchmark for you to be considered to know fully the two languages. If you pass these tests you will be have passed the language requirement.


For you to qualify to be allowed residence in Canada you need to have passed the education standards as set out in the Canadian law. For instance you need to have enrolled and passed the Canadian secondary or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree or if not you ought to have completed a foreign credential. To provide this you should present a report on the educational credential assessment from an agency that has been approved by the citizenship and immigration Canada. This ensures that the people who are working in Canada have qualified in the Canadian system of qualifications for the job they intend to do. Canada does not take chances with the lives of its citizens.

These requirements seek to improve the working force of the workers in Canada by providing the best services to the citizens like a Mapleimmigration services.

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