Are you moving out for an adventure? What kind of safety gears do you have with you for just in case there is an emergency situation? Being in the wilderness is risky. You can get lost any minute and find no route to lead you back home. If you find yourself in a water body either by falling from a ship or the boat is drowning, you have to swim for your life. It’s your only life, give it priority by surviving the toughest conditions that come your way. In a similar way, you have to survive in the jungle. You won’t though if you have nothing with you. The modern bracelets are made to be your savior in your time of need. Almost everything is made possible by the availability of these simple cords. That’s the reason why they are trending. Check out these ways that the cords can help you stay alive and healthy while still lost.

  • Make traps

braceletsSurviving calls for some genius approaches towards danger. If you are hungry, food is there with you. You only need to improvise and find a way to make dinner. Some people will see no way for that to happen. For others, it’s fun hunting for food. To catch a hare, you don’t need to run after the animal. It’s an expert in that and your chances of losing are so much high. Why don’t you do it the smart way? You have a paracord bracelet, use it. The cords are resilient and hence ideal for a trap. You can make a loop shape, hide it within the hare’s way and connect it to a resilient stick. The next time you will see a hare hanging on your stick.

  • Make yourself a shelter

You may be in the wilderness but that doesn’t mean you behave like a beast. A shelter is essential to keep you off the dangerous grid. It’s not completely safe to have a tent in position but it satisfies your instincts that you are safe. Very few animas will come looking for you inside the tent. But how to you tie up the tent? We go back to the amazing paracord product. Other than the main strands making up the paracord keychain, there are some inner smaller strands that can still be of use here.

  • Make a fishing net

Paracord nylon is strong to withstand huge loads. You will be surprised to find out that the same bracelet can be used for mountain climbing. With the many stands inside the survival bracelet watch cords, you can make a fishing net. In addition, starting a friction fire is also possible with the help of the bracelet. That guarantees your tasty fish meal for the day.

  • All you need for first aid

Well, you have already eaten, you have a shelter but one more thing is remaining. You are not sure of when danger strikes. You have less to worry though. A first aid survival kit will help you control any injuries by enabling you treat them temporally just to keep you safe.

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