An employer can have several reasons of conducting screening on their new and old employees. The main reason of an employer to conduct screening, is for the sole reason of increasing productivity and maximizing on the profits in the market. They may also want to have a personal knowledge of their employees. There are several steps that one can take during the process. One of the major steps that must be taken by the employer is the process of verifying the education credentials of their employee.

Why Should Education Credentials be Verified?

Verification of education credentials? One may wonder. Yes there are times when an employer should screen and verify the education certificates of their employees. This is particularly important for new employees. Their certificates should be screened and proved to be original and from the said institutions. There are some people who may go to great lengths in order to achieve education certificates from some institutions. This is particularly the case when it is a job requirement according to the initial job advertisement. There are some people who go to great lengths of acquiring fake certificates yet in real sense the have never even attended those particular institutions of learning. These are done by unscrupulous business men in the black market at a fee. These men and women will try and imitate the certificates of the said institutions by all means. If an employer does not verify this, they are likely to employ low standard individuals with the thoughts that they have the right candidates for the particular job.Education-Verification

Factors that Show that Education Credentials Should be Verified

Low Performance – An employer should perform a verification process of certificates if the results indicated in the education credentials is not directly proportional to the output in the job market. One may have very high qualifications in their academic certificates, which may have been a major reason which may have prompted their hiring for a particular position. In such a case, one should quietly conduct their verification. This may prompt activities such as contacting the said academic institution in question. Details such as year of study, admission numbers and classmates should also be put into consideration. When one discovers foul play the employee should be dismissed since they are cheats. The law can also be taken against them since they may have tarnished the name of the organization.

Overall Screening Process – There are times when an employer may decide to perform a thorough check on all their employees in order to update their records. This is the case since some of the employees may have added higher levels of education while working. During the updating process, one may be prompted to verify the previous credentials. Sometimes the time stated of completion may not be in unison with the normal time taken in order to complete the classes. In such a case the employer may conduct a verification through the learning institution.

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